Best Couples Halloween Costumes


Best Couples Halloween Costumes 2018


Oh that time of year, fall is in the air, the leaves are beginning to turn and Halloween is just around the corner.  With Halloween comes parties!  Parties means costumes.

Which costume to choose can be a daunting task.  Especially if you and your significant other choose to do couples costumes.  How to choose.  That is the question.
There is no wrong choice.  It just depends on your taste or maybe the theme of the party.  One big consideration is comfort.  Nobody wants to be trapped in a stifling hot mask or costume head all night.  Nor do you want something which makes it impossible to sit down.  You also don’t want to spend an hour in the bathroom trying to undo your costume and then get it all done back up correctly.  That can make for a long night.
There are so many ways to go.  You can choose humorous, sexy, scary, classic, iconic or even historical.  I suggest you step out of your comfort zone and choose something totally opposite of you. If you don’t feel like being opposites perhaps choosing the costume you think best showcases you as a couple is the way to go.  Maybe you think your relationship is more like Beauty and the Beast than Romeo and Juliet.   Go for it!   It is Halloween, time to bring out the wild in you!
Here are ten great choices for Couples Costumes 2018.  I hope you find the right choice for you.

Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale?  Little Red Riding Hood is a great fairy tale for adults as well as children.  It has lots of hidden sexual meaning if you are inclined to think in those terms.
The Big Bad Wolf is on the prowl.  He has already made it to Granny’s house and gobbled her up!  Now he is all dressed up in her nightgown, waiting for his chance to get a bite of Red.  The wolf costumes contains nightgown, costume wig, hand and foot covers.  The foot spats fit over your own shoes. The wig fits over your head leaving your face uncovered so no hot mask smothering you all night.
Little Red Riding Hood is dressed in her sexy best.  The wolf might be getting more than he bargained for with this one.  The costume consists of a one piece dress, long flowing cape and a black and red hanky.  It can easily be accessorized with items such as a basket of goodies and some sexy boots.
Among the great things people are saying about the Red Riding Hood costume is it is well made.  It works well for plus size ladies as well as smaller sizes.  The bodice cups are shirred making it roomy enough for ample chests.  Lots of compliments on the costume!
Check out the costume and the reviews
In addition The Big Bad Wolf costume also gets lots of thumbs up.  Among the comments were got lots of laughs, sturdy and comfortable, love the costume, hilarious and fun.
So try a little sexy fairy tale fun and choose this great pairing.

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Who doesn’t remember the beloved doll Raggedy Ann?  Raggedy Ann has been around since 1915, when writer Jonathan Gruelle placed a patent on her.  In 1918 she appeared in the first of a series of children’s books.  In 1920 her brother, Raggedy Andy, was introduced in a sequel to the Raggedy Ann books.  The books were sold with a doll which proved to be a very successful marketing ploy.

This timeless pair makes a great couples costume.  What could be better than a couple of dolls?  Your costume is almost sure to be unique.  As one happy buyer states “I got a lot of compliments on the costume everywhere I went. It was great to go to a party and nobody else had this costume. There were a lot of other duplicate costumes there so I was happy I wasn’t one of them.”
No hot masks for this one.  Have fun painting your face to match your favorite Raggedy Ann and Andy look.  Get creative!
This costume comes as a set.  Raggedy Andy includes shirt/pant style costume, red and white stockings and red yarn wig hat.  Raggedy Ann includes dress with apron, mulit-colored stockings, bloomers and a wig.
This costume works great for 2 ladies as well as a man and a woman.  Check it out. 


Face Paint Kit

Need help painting your Raggedy Ann and Andy faces?  These tutorials will make it a breeze.

This high quality paint kit will make your task even easier.  Simply dip the brush in some water and blend the color with the brush. Removes easily with soap and water. Includes 20 paints and 3 brushes.
People who have used it remarked on the professional quality and ease of use.  Nice quality and huge choice of color

Highwayman & Victorian Lady

What romantic dreams the highwayman and the lady conjure up in the mind.  A dark, lonely coach road.  A dashing, mysterious figure emerges from the night and the fog, his steed breathing smoke.  He stops the coach as it thunders down the road.  He pulls the passengers out one by one until he locks eyes with the beautiful Victorian lady inside.  Electricity passes between the handsome robber and the oh so proper lady.  One can only imagine where the story goes from there.

You and your partner can play out that story with the Highwayman and the Lady costume pairing.  What a dashing pair you will make at that Halloween party!  Take their breath away with our costume choices for this exciting pair.
Let’s start with the Highwayman.  Every good highwayman has a great cape.  It makes the mystery!  This cape fits the bill in every way.  Full length coat is made of durable black denim.  Generous splits in the side for easy movement, which is important for comfort.  Collar can be worn up or down.  Pair it with white shirt and black pants and our hat suggestion.  Add a pair of boots and you are ready to go.  Cavalier boots were popular with highwaymen.
Reviewers rate the cloak high.  Sturdy material.  Festival quality.  Not too heavy, just right for autumn weather.  The hat also rated high with reviewers.
















Mickey & Minnie Mouse


There is no more iconic couple on Earth than Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  Mickey Mouse has been the face of Disney for 90 years.   Mickey was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at Disney Studios in the year 1928.  He appeared to the public in one of the first sound cartoons “Steamboat Willie” in 1928.  Since then little mouse with the red shorts, bright yellow shoes and white gloves has become one of the most beloved characters of all time.

Minnie Mouse was also created in 1928 as a girlfriend for Mickey.  She was designed in the fashion of a flapper girl.  She wore oversized high heels for comedic effect.  Her knickers peeked out from beneath her dress.  She got a remake in 1940, when her big bow became a regular part of her outfit.
You and your partner can step into those iconic oversized shoes of Mickey and Minnie this Halloween.   As flirty Minnie and shy Mickey, you will be the darlings of the party.
This couples costume set is the perfect choice!   The Mickey costume includes shirt with bow tie, attached pants, jacket and mouse ears.  Minnie costume includes dress with headband.
Reviewers love the costume.  Fit was good and delivery prompt.
This set is even great if you are doing a family theme.  Add some little Mickey and Minnies and you have a great costume theme going!

Princess Tiana & Frog

Everyone knows the timeless fairy tale stories of princesses and frogs.  You know the old saying “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince”   Well if you are Tiana this story takes an opposite turn when kissing the frog, Prince Naveen, turns her into a frog!

Prince Naveen and Tiana travel through the bayou to find an old voodoo priestess on the advice of a blues playing alligator named Louis.  Louis assured him the old woman could turn them into humans again.  Tiana and Naveen had many adventures as they searched.  Naveen misses his chance to kiss the carnival princess when the pair misses the midnight deadline.  In the true spirit of love they accept being frogs and get married.  When Naveen kisses Tiana they both turn back into humans.  True love triumphs!
A beautiful love story you and your love can recreate with this costume choice.  You can be the lovely Tiana in her beautiful green gown with leaf trimmings.  You will feel just like the princess she becomes in the story.
Costume is made to custom fit you.  It is made of high quality thick satin.  It is adorned with exquisite embroidery.  It is suitable for Halloween parties, festivals or stage performances.
Couple the Tiana costume with this Frog costume for your prince.  The two of you will be the hit of the party!
Costume includes top, pants, headpiece, frog mittens and feet covers.  Features red bow tie and gold crown.
Reviewers give the costume high marks.  Great fit.  Hilarious.  Well made.  One woman convinced her husband to be a frog so she could be a princess.  His costume was a much bigger hit than her own!
If you are a sucker for timeless love stories and you have a sense of humor this pairing is perfect for you!








Beauty & the Beast

A  tale as old as time “Beauty and the Beast”.  Who doesn’t love the romantic story of the girl who sees past outer beauty and falls in love with a beast.

The beast is actually a handsome prince who was turned into a beast when he refuses shelter to an old woman.  The old woman turns out to be a wicked enchantress.  She turns the young man into a Beast until such time as he is loved and learns to love.
His servants are punished as well, being turned into household objects.
When Belle’s father is imprisoned by the Beast, she goes looking for him.  She strikes a deal with the Beast.  Her father will go free and in return she will stay.  Over the course of time the pair fall in love.  This love of course turns the Beast and all the servants back into their former selves.  How romantic!
If you have a Beast in your life, this is your chance to turn him into a prince.  Or maybe you prefer the Beast!
You will enchant not only your Beast but all party goers in this beautiful Belle costume.  Exactly like Belle’s yellow ball dress, this gown is stunning.
The soft fabric is very comfortable to wear.  The color is bright.
Reviewers have great things to say about the costume.  “Love this dress”  “So much detail.  Flattering. Comfortable.”  “Excellent quality.  Beautiful.”
Reviewers rate it high.  “Amazing Costume”   “I couldn’t believe how good it was”  “Perfect.  Great fit and comfy” “Just the mask alone is worth the  price”
Channel your Beauty and the Beast characters and spend an enchanted evening together.  Be sure he brings you a red rose!









Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore & Piglet



Somewhere deep in the 100 Acre Woods live some of the world’s most beloved characters.  Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore are all getting ready for Halloween.  They are eyeing Rabbit’s garden full of pumpkins and looking our for Heffalumps.

A.A. Milne’s lovable characters make for perfect costume pairings.  They can be worn by either sex, mix and match!  You might choose the character that best fits your personality or the one that is least like you.
Winnie the Pooh is lovable, innocent, trusting and wise despite his limited knowledge.
Tigger is full of energy, adventurous and full of false bravado.
Piglet is timid, shy, nervous and often scared.  He is also loyal and big hearted.
Eeyore is the gloomy one.  He expects things to go badly and they usually do for the poor little donkey.  But he never gives up and he is a loyal friend.
Which one suits you?  Which one is your partner?
Choose one of these great costumes and you and your Silly Old Bear will be the hit of the party!
Winnie the Pooh costume includes jumpsuit with headpiece.  Reviewers say it is great quality and fun to wear.  Think, think, think is this the costume for your bear?



I have to admit a fondness for Eeyore.  He is my favorite Pooh character.  His inability to keep his tail on and his relentless search for a house is endearing.

This men’s Eeyore Union Suit is perfect.  Suit has full zipper and includes attached hood.  Your feet are free for dancing!





If the lady wants to go as Eeyore, this is a great choice for her. Includes jumpsuit, character hood and tail that attaches with hook and loop.



Bouncing is what Tigger’s do best and you can bounce very well in this Unisex Tigger suit.  One piece with character hood.  Most reviewers give it 5 stars.  “Perfect. Love it.”  “Super Comfortable.”




Last but not least is lovable Piglet.  You can’t forget Pooh’s best friend.  Pooh and Piglet would make a great combo for friends.  If you have a friend group you can choose all four!

Includes jumpsuit with character hood.  Great costume at a great price.
Grab your favorite Winnie the Pooh character and have Tiggerific time!




Popeye & Olive Oyl

Another set of iconic characters that make a great choice for couples costumes are Popeye and Olive Oyl.  Popeye the sailor man is devoted to flighty and unfaithful Olive.  He gains the strength of ten men when eats a can of spinach.
Popeye and Olive are actually based on real life people.  Elzie Segar introduced Popeye in a comic strip in 1929.  He based the character on a person from his  home town of Chester, Illinois.  Frank Fiegel apparently also loved fight and smoked a pipe.  Olive was based on a neighbor of Segar’s.
Popeye inspired children of the depression era to eat their spinach.  Spinach became children’s third listed favorite food behind turkey and ice cream.  Quite an accomplishment!
Embrace your flirty side and imagine yourself with a closet full of identical dresses and you can become Olive Oyl.  She keeps two men constantly fighting over her in spite of her rather boyish figure and her refusal to choose between them.
Popeye is of course ever loyal and ever the gentleman.  He never gives up on Olive.
This costume set includes everything you need to become the famous cartoon pair.
Popeye costume includes jumpsuit with shirt, belt, muscle arms and cap.  Add a pipe and you are all set.
Olive Oyl costume includes dress, collar and wig.
So grab your sailor and get ready to swing.  Flirt a little, never fear Popeye will sail in to save you from any Bluto’s that come your way!

Robin Hood & Maid Marian


Imagine the evil Sheriff of Nottingham is trying to force his attention on you, when suddenly a dashing figure appears out of the forest.  He defeats the sheriff in a dazzling display of swordsmanship.  He takes you into his arms and carries you into Sherwood Forest, where you live happily ever after!
This exciting pair has been enthralling audiences for decades.  You and your hero can step into the roles with these Robin Hood and Maid Marian costumes.
Robin Hood is depicted as a heroic outlaw who robs from the rich and gives to the poor.  One version has him born a nobleman who returns from the Crusades to find his lands have been stolen.  This is what sets him on his outlaw path as he seeks justice.  He is a champion of the common man.
Maid Marian is most often portrayed as a noblewoman.  She is a strong woman, equal to her lover, Robin.  She is one of the first strong female characters featured in English literature.  Perfect for modern day strong women!
Our choice for Maid Marian is this beautiful costume which includes full length dress with embroidered bodice and sleeves, attached glovettes and charmeuse belt with jeweled buckle, chiffon veil and jeweled headpiece.
Most reviewers rate if 5 stars.  “Beautiful” “Awesome.  Great quality” “Quality construction” “Detailed”.
Robin Hood costume includes tunic, lace-up shirt, pants,hat, belt and boot tops.  Add a bow and arrow set and you are all set!
Step into these characters and go find your own Merry Men for that great party!

Dracula & Bride


The list wouldn’t be complete without at least one scary couple.  Dracula and his bride certainly fit the bill.  A bloodsucking couple for the ages.
Irish author, Bram Stoker, penned the story of Dracula in 1897.  It has captured people’s imaginations ever since.  It has spawned many movie and television versions.  The story is both horrifying and sexy.
Dracula moves from Transylvania to England in search of new blood, literally.  He is intent on spreading his undead disease throughout England.  Many young ladies are put under his hypnotic spell as they succumb to his desires.  By doing so, they become one of the undead.  Dracula is ultimately tracked down and destroyed by Van Helsing.  His legend however, lives on.
Step into the legendary character with his beautiful vampire lover with these detailed costumes.  Become exciting bloodsucking lovers out on the town in search of new victims!
This Dracula costume includes satin cape, brocade and flocked velvet vest with attached shirt, ascot, bat brooch and gloves.
Most reviewers give the costume 5 stars.  “Great Quality” “Rental Quality” “Awesome” “Fits perfect” “Absolutely Amazing”.
This beautiful lady vampire costume is the perfect companion to Dracula.  Costume includes full length ball gown, full structured petticoat and  vampiress choker collar with skull cameo.
This costume is also highly rated by reviewers.  “Best costume ever” “10 stars for comfort”  “Beautiful”  “Worth Every Penny”.
So grab your vampire teeth and your sexy vampire partner and head out into the night for a little night creature fun.
Any of these ten couple costumes make a great choice for all the Halloween parties that are just around the corner.  Romantic, adventurous or scary each choice has a unique quality.  Check out the choices and select the one that is right for you and your significant other!  Don’t forget the most important thing this Halloween, have fun!


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