Frightfully Fun Reads

By Penny Clift

dark shadows

Dark Shadows Check it out here

Perhaps even better than a scary movie is a scary book.  I love the horror genre.  I like ghost stories in particular.  I loved “Dark Shadows” growing up.  It was scary, campy fun.  A little cheesy but it still held a lot of chills for a kid my age.  If you have never watched “Dark Shadows, give it a try for a bit of fun.

I also consumed the Dark Shadows books.  I have remained a fan of the genre.  I have read some great ghost stories, Nella Waits and The Shining are two of my favorites.  I also enjoy Sarah Rayne’s Nell West and Michael Flint series.
I was ecstatic when I first discovered Stephen King.  He was a fairly new writer when I read my first Stephen King book.  I loved the way he developed such complex characters and the way he captures his children’s characters.  He remembers what it is like to be a child, a feat most of us can not accomplish.
stephen king it


I loved The Shining, Pet Cemetery, It, Needful Things and an overlooked gem, Gerald’s Game.  There is a particularly terrifying event in Gerald’s Game that still scares me to this day.  If you haven’t read it, give it a try.

Halloween Hints will help you find some great scary reads.  We will have some reviews and lots of suggestions.  Let us help you find your next great read!

If you have a favorite scary book let us know in the comments.  We will certainly check it out.


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