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I grew up in a small town and Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. Back then people didn’t go all out with decorations or parties. Halloween has grown ten fold in popularity in recent years.

We did have trick or treating. Everyone dressed up in their costume, complete with one of those old plastic masks with the string in the back. We put them on for our Halloween school party. The whole class would then go downtown to parade our costumes for all the businesses. We would receive treats and lots of oohs and awes. It is a fond memory from my childhood.

The first grade teacher always made her treats with love. Every child who trick or treated her house received a delicious homemade popcorn ball. Needless to say she saw every little spook in elementary school at her door on Halloween night.

Years later, her recipe was placed in a local cookbook. I was delighted! Now I am proud to share a bit of my childhood with my readers. This is Mrs. Yowell’s popcorn ball recipe. Try it and hand out some love this Halloween!



Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.22.42 AMPopcorn Balls

3 Tablespoons Peanut Butter

1 Cup of White Karo Syrup

2 Tablespoons Butter or Oleo

1 3/4 Cups Sugar

1 Tablespoon Vanilla

2 Gallons of popped popcorn

Heat all ingredients except popcorn until bubbling stirring constantly.  While hot pour over the popped popcorn and form into balls.  Store in airtight container or food storage bags.

Want to share one of your recipes from your childhood trick or treating?  Send us the recipe and picture if you have one and we will share.

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