Men’s King Neptune Costume

Men’s King Neptune Costume Let it be known that Neptune ain't for kids! He commands storms, Cyclopses, krakens, and Sebastians (or is that Poseiden I'm thinking of? Same difference). This Olympian takes no guff from no man. The Men's King Neptune Costume is of the Roman god of the sea and is clearly no one to screw with. He'll just as easily start a hurricane as change the channel.The Men's King Neptune Costume comes with a crown headpiece, a faux-fur lined cape, chest armor piece, rope decoration, and Mediterranean-style decorative cuffs. Somebody has to rule over the lost city of Atlantis and the rest of the ocean, so it might as well be you this Halloween.The Men's King Neptune Costume is a costume of the Roman god of the sea and can also be used as a costume for Poseidon. The world is your oyster!


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