Blood Chilling True Stories

By Penny Clift
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Everyone has a scary story to tell. That moment that made your heart skip a beat. The feeling of fear creeping into your soul. That noise in the night or a dark shape caught in the corner of an eye. It has happened to us all.

I have my own scary stories I will share with you here. The experience still strikes fear in me to this day. Click the drop down box to read my spooky tale.

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Fear is an integral part of Halloween. It is the one night of the year, we can put our nightmares on display, all in good fun of course. It is the perfect time to share a scary story with friends, our own experience or a tale of fiction. It doesn’t matter which, as long as it gives us that thrill of fearing the unknown.

Halloween Hints will give you as many scary stories as we can conjure up! If you have a story you would like to share please email it to us at We would love to publish it here.

Now prepare to be scared!


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